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Do You Want Access To Our Website?

By following the terms ad services of our website you can easily get access to our website. Before accessing our website, we have some conditions that those who cannot fulfill should not visit this website. Our website is intended only for those people to, whom our terms and conditions are meaningful; a person unaware of our terms and conditions should visit our website.

Only those with a clear understanding, of and commitment to, abiding by our terms and conditions may access our website. Our website is authorised, and it also contains rules and guidelines; that visitors to the site must abide by in order to access it.

Another thing is that as our website is new, because of its new beginning, it will surely happen that people will conflict; how is this website stuff? Don’t know if the custom boxes they provide are 100% guaranteed? Yes, it is true, such questions will not only be in your mind, but also for every one new, so we have provided a solution for this that we are ready to give custom boxes as samples to our customers. They can win your and other people’s trust.

Now i am going to notify you with the terms and conditions of our website:

  • All pages of this website, will provide you with general information, which we reserves, the right to change without modification.
  • This website does not provide anyone the right, to enquire about the nature sensitivity or substance, of the material it contains.
  • If you see something wrong on our website or think our products are mixed we deserve to resolves your dispute because we aim to satisfies our customers.
  • Our priority is to give 100% guaranteed products to our customers. Our products are ideal in color arrangement design shape appearance and specification.
  • If you use this, website in an unlawful ways it will harm you. Because, you are accessings this website unlawfully you are unable to post bail but you will still be charged with a, felony.
  • After some time’s you will, see that many websites are linked to this, website of ours.

Limitation and Reimbursement of Liability:

There are certain rules on our website on we do not compromise. We reserve the right to, deliver our customers orders on time. It is our priority to provide, our customers with the product, what they want. Hello Custom Boxes will play an important role in keeping our products 100% guaranteed and free from adulteration. Hello custom boxes that there are some rules

  • You must remove the actual verification of any person, no matter who they are.
  • Awareness of malicious incidents is to be given.
  • You must protect our website from damage and illegal things.
  • Any mischief done with our website will be considered a crime.
  • If someone misrepresents the company, you have to reprimand that person.

It means that Hello Custom Boxes, will not tolerate, any misrepresentation against us, and we are, responsibles for, satisfying our customer and paying the order on time.

Design Order:

Hello, Custom Boxes provides its customers with customized designs. We have excellent designers ready to design the boxes per your demand. From us, you can buy custom boxes according to the design whether a makeup box or an order box. In addition, if you want, we are ready to make boxes with your company’s logo.