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Mailer Boxes

High premium-quality custom mailer boxes can be made in any size and with custom brand printing options. We print the cardboard boxes both inside and outside using premium quality material. We can print simple 1 or Full-colours designs on screen or offset, or print white on brown paper. We also offer litho-laminated boxes in high quality or full shading for the most premium texture.

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High-quality custom printed mailer boxes from HelloCustomBoxes.co.uk:

Our high-quality custom printed mailer boxes are available in a variety of sizes. The cardboard boxes especially can be printed both inside and outside with expertise. For simple 1 or 2-colour designs, we can print  screen or offset printing white on brown paper for full colour, we can offer laminated mailer boxes, which give the best premium finish. If you need packaging for your boxes, our printed wrapping paper is a fantastic branded choice.

Custom Sizes and Designs:

  • Offset printing of superior quality
  • Lamination in matte or gloss
  • Papers, both uncoated and coated
  • Papers with Texture
  • Printing on the outside and inside (No restricted print area)
  • Print finishes such as foil blocking and spot UV varnish are available.
  • Extra qualities

Our E-commerce custom mailer boxes not only secure your product but also provide an excellent opportunity for advertising. These  custom boxes are ideal for e-commerce and retail stores. We assist in customised cardboard boxes but can now also provide a quicker and more cost-effective option for misprinted stock boxes.

Our custom printed mailer boxes come flat and self-assembled and are available in both white and  brown kraft paper. Our customized cardboard boxes are available with gloss or matt lamination, as well as foil blocking and spot UV varnish for maximum impact. A message printed inside the box is a beautiful little touch that will enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

At hellocustomboxes.co.uk, we love nothing more than helping to make your designs stand out and adding that additional touch of class to make your packaging beautiful.

What are some uses for the mailer boxes?

When shipping items that are small in size. So packing becomes a problem for us. Whether the item is big or bulky, shipping is a bit easier. But what can you use if you have something even small that needs to go anywhere and be stored? So we have a type of packaging called recorded mail.۔ This is a type of box that stores things for mailing records. But it also has other uses. This mailer box can be used in 5 ways. Which are listed below.

  • Record Collections for trade
  • Gift care packing
  • Books and other sensitive cargo
  • Imprinting Your Logo on the books
  • Deliver any small Items with safety and ease

Record Collections for trade: 

Records and record players are regaining popularity. However, purchasing fresh copies of vintage albums from a retailer might be costly. Joining an online record trading community is a better chance. It is critical that recordings be transported level, dry, cold, and cushioned. Custom printed mailer boxes are ideal for transporting records—after all, that is why they were invented!

Gift care packing: 

We have great way to send simple packages to care for your loved ones.

Care packages with stationery are good gifts to give to students at difficult events of the year, such as midterms and finals week. The custom box’s flat design has some depth, allowing it to hold packets of stickers, notepads, or even pencils.

Books and other sensitive cargo:

Books and other sensitive papers, including records, must be stored properly, protected, and dry. Because excessive heat can cause discolouration and warping in the paper, Custom Mailer boxes are cushioned and not fully flat, allowing them to store and send things such as books.

Printing Your Logo on the Boxes: 

If you’re using custom mailer boxes for your small business, you might want to consider printing your logo on top of the plain brown cardboard to give you are sending some flair! Packaging is still an essential element of product presentation. Custom mailer boxes are simple and affordable, yet they may be a highly useful technique for increasing advertising.

Deliver Any Small Items with safety and ease:

When sending small, flat goods like templates, posters, or calligraphy art, you need a box that will meet their demands while also protecting them from the weather. Bubble Mailer boxes are ideal for packing since they take up less space than necessary and are affordable to send due to their little weight. You can mail any little, flat product in comfort and securely using Bubble Mailers.

Additional information:

Here we have provided you with a lot of information related to your topic and finally, we are also giving you solutions to your problems. hellocustomboxes.co.uk do more tasks than words. We provide many kinds of packaging  Custom Boxes.

  • Boxes for the gift.
  • Bags.
  • Envelopes.
  • Apparel.
  • Automotive.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Restaurant.
  • Retail.
  • Personalized small box, etc.

Please visit our website: hellocustomboxes.co.uk to know more about this. Also, you can contact us for orders or related information our team will be friendly to you.


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PLEASE NOTE: You will receive notification that you have proofs to be approved in your account which you MUST approve before we print!
This product is supplied die-cut to size, creased and flat. Please allow 7 to 10 working days from proof approval for delivery of your boxes.

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